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Karaoke in Seattle

I just started hosting karaoke in Seattle again!
Tuesday nights @ 9-9:30pm (until last call), no cover.

Skylark Cafe & Club
3803 Delridge Way SW
Seattle, WA 98106

Linked below is my personal collection, but I am going to add the bar's music to my database this weekend so we can start creating consolidated books:

Any other hosts here interested in trading music?  (Please see my wishlist.)  I have .cdg + .mp3 component files (~5MB together) and .bin files (~20MB) of each song.

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Hey, I'm new...I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get karaoke tracks by Carrie Underwood or Julie Roberts or Miranda Lambert or other newer female country artists? i am particularly looking for Shania Twain's When and Carrie Underwood's Before He Cheats. I'm in a country competition and think it would be a great song to do. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated. My email is
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Hey, I'm new here! I love Kristin Chenoweth beyond life itself. She is god. I met her once and it was a grand old day!

Okay I have a really big favor to ask and I really hope this is allowed... I can't get the Kristin Chenoweth Karaoke CD until Christmas. Like, my parents have bought it, but I need it by a couple of weeks because I want to audition with one of her songs. I haven't gotten to hear it yet so I don't know which one to pick. If anyone has it, is there anyway I can download it now?

I swear I already have bought the CD. I don't know if it's illegal then... I dunno, but I'm really really REALLY desperate. My mom won't let me have it before hand, which is really mean I know, but she's not a nice person.

But, yeah, I LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She's just amazing and the sweetest person. Okay, that is all. Thanks if anyone can do this for me. :)

Xo Chelsea

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Konnichi wa... Was lookin' around a few karaoke communities on LJ, and somehow this one seemed to get my attention. Anywho...

I'm a 16-year-old from South Dakota; been doin' karaoke for about... 8-9 years?? I think my new specialty is anime songs and other Japanese songs... ^^U

Dunno what else to say, so I s'pose I'll just wrap this up for now... Bai! ^^
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new to me

Hi I've just joined. I love to karaoke. Started going to a regular bar about a year ago in Ohio. Now I've moved back home to Michigan I'm in search of a new karaoke bar. I think I've found one that I like. What is everyone's favorite song to sing?

Some singin' goin' on

Heading out to the Mandarin Gate tonight for some singing. My mother and sister are in town so we are heading out for some fun and stuff. Karaoke starts at nine and we will most likely be there a little before that.
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