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The bar didn't look full

Got to Mandarin gate at around 10 PM, and even though there weren't a lot of people there (although notably Ian Fraser of ACT's "Sylvia" was present) I only got in two songs. "Man of Constant Sorrow" was one of those heinous "White Wedding"/parachute won't open kind of moments. Sure, I hadn't heard the song in two years, but that shouldn't have meant that I couldn't remember how to sing the damn thing. I had a bunch of new wave hits in ("I Wanna Be a Cowboy," "Private Idaho," etc.) but gave it all up and did "Only the Lonely" by the Motels just so I could recover from my previous failure. It seemed to go over well, although I was feeling some crumbly bits in my performance. The bartender has improved her drink mixing style, though, and there is now much less fruit juice in my Suffering Bastard and a whole lot more rum.
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